Wednesday, 7 August 2013

In the heart of Rioja

We spent a lovely couple of weeks touring the north of Spain for our recent holiday, including an overnight stay in Laguardia - the "capital" of the Rioja Alavesa sub-region.
We stayed in a hotel just on the outskirts of the medieval walled city, which is on a hilltop overlooking vineyards all around, with the impressive Sierra de Cantabria mountains to the north.
In the evening we wandered up to the city for a walk around and a drink, and what a beautiful place it is. There are really only two cobbled streets running north to south, with little cross alleys in between. All narrow and cobbled - no cars - with bars and restaurants. Though this is not just a tourist place - there are plenty of occupied houses. In fact it is hardly touristy at all.
The most surprising thing - though given where it is, perhaps not such a surprise - is that the bars and the ares outside, are full of people drinking glasses of wine. The odd caƱa of cerveza, but mainly wine. Old men, young men, old women, and young women - all drinking the local Rioja - red, white or rosado. At at prices around €1.20 - 2.00 per glass why wouldn't you?
Laguardia is the home for many Rioja companies, including Solar Rioja, which is represented on BInendwines' website with their Red and their White. Both of these are superb examples of wine from the Rioja Alavesa and are on our list at a considerable discount to the original prices. In fact we have recently reduced the prices even further.
The Red is just £5.50 - and the white £5.25.
You will not find better value anywhere.
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Brian Binns